History of Ramadan

This website outlines the history behind Ramadan and dives deeper into the meaning of Ramadan and how cherished it is by the Muslim community. The website starts off by giving some background information about Ramadan and how it came to be, explaining that that word “Ramadan” derives from the arabic word “ramida” which means intense scorching heat or dryness. From the same word, there is “ramadaa” which means sunbaked sand. This then translates to the belief of scorching out the sins with good deeds, as the sun burns the ground. Ramadan usually lasts 30 days and the holiday follows the lunar cycle,beginning in the ninth month with sightings of a new moon. The exact start of Ramadan can change as it’s heavily based on the moons sightings. During Ramadan, those participating fast from sun up to sun down, eating as early as 4:30am and dinner once the sun sets down. 

What is interesting with this website is that is going deeper into the emotion and reason why the Muslim religion celebrates Ramadan and why it is so holy. For example, Ramadan is the time to share charity and generosity and is a time for personal reflection, bringing humility in the forefront of the participants’ minds and appreciating their lives and relationship with God (Allah). Moreover, it also gives a great perspective on how personal and intimate the journey through Ramadan is, having 5 different prayers a day and celebrations with family at the end of each night as well as one to end Ramadan overall. There’s a high level of determination and sacrifice that goes into the holiday but those who commit reap the benefits of having a stronger bond with God and the world around them. This website gives great insight and detail to the history of the holiday which directly ties into my content of the history behind multicultural holidays. 

Zinda Media (Ed.). (1993). The history of ramadan. Pray 30 Days. Retrieved July 14, 2020, from https://www.pray30days.org/learn/ramadan/history-of-ramadan/

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